Company number: 10339398

Our services

Our approach

Our approach is to promote a simple care pathway that is a choice-based and person-centred offer. We support adults with a wide range of needs, with a specific focus on young people leaving college, moving out of the family home or other accommodation and going through transition in their lives.

We offer personalised, practical and emotional support with an emphasis on empowering and enabling people to live the life they choose.

Support is offered within supported living tenancy complexes across the south east of England. This combines the highest quality living environment with an experienced management and care team, Positive Behavioural Support and extensive experience in supporting people with complex needs and long-term conditions.

We are registered as a care provider with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the delivery of personal care.


Our service

A specialised and focused supported living service that concentrates staff resources in one location with several individuals, usually in a complex of self-contained tenancies, offering access to support on a 24-hour basis. Pathway for Care seeks to ensure that the core principles of supported living are kept to at all times. This is done in collaboration with Registered Social Landlords (RSL’s).

Pathway for Care endeavours to ensure that landlords configure accommodation in a way that provides a link to development, employment opportunities or that meets specific needs, for example:

  • Autistic spectrum condition
  • Learning disabilities
  • Additional needs related to specific conditions such as epilepsy, mental health issues or long-term neurological conditions
  • Support needed for behaviour that may be unhelpful to the individual or challenging for those around them


How do we do this?

  • A combination of practical and emotional support to help people live the lives that they want to.
  • Delivery is focused on supported living tenancy complexes in collaboration with Registered Social Landlords (RSL’s).
  • Resources are concentrated in specific locations to maximise operating efficiency, develop a sense of community and pass on cost benefits to commissioners and the people being supported.
  • The service is structured on business units to promote managerial autonomy, accountability and cost control.
  • Each business unit provides care and support for at least two tenancy complexes and is overseen by a Service Manager.
  • Direct service delivery is via Support Workers and Team Leaders – over a 24-hour period there is a minimum level of staff available at each tenancy complex, depending on the level of need.
  • All staff receive mandatory and statutory training and are subject to enhanced DBS checks.
  • Due to individual complexity and the level of risk to be managed, specialised input is provided by a Positive Behavioural Support Practitioner.
  • Additional specialist input sometimes related to physical or mental health needs is provided on a bank or consultancy basis as needed.
  • Core staff are full time on salaried contracts and are supplemented by a bank staff system.
  • Support to short-term tenancies is co-ordinated in collaboration with joint venture partners.
  • Delivery is based upon currently accepted best practice in relation to person-centred support and individual assessment, support planning and evaluation.
  • Processes are in place to ensure an open, safe and responsive service.
  • Internal and external quality assurance arrangements are in place which includes audits, incident monitoring and analysis, (with emphasis on learning from events), and feedback from a panel or ‘critical friends’.